Dotmole User Manual with Documentation and Tutorials

Introduction to Dotmole

Dotmole is an AI Security Surveillance Software that not only does Face Detection and Motion Detection like all other solutions in the market, but also does Face Recognition.

Dotmole includes a complete Face Recognition set with real time face learning and predicting capabilities. Dotmole's detected known faces catalogue makes it easy to browse through all the faces quickly and then look for the reference in the Motion detected video. This is a unique way of Security Analytics that is present in Dotmole and all of this comes with the Initial Installation Software.

Demo video of Dotmole

Download Dotmole

This walk-through will take you all of the basics of using Dotmole application. You need to install Dotmole application on your system to follow through the documention. Reach out to us at Twitter, Facebook or at our Website to get access to Dotmole application. We will show you how easily you can connect your device with Dotmole. After that, we'll show you how to bind your device data to Dotmole Snitcher, which is a nest of smart applications services.

To get access to Dotmole application contact us.


Getting Help

Having an issue with Dotmole Application that you don't feel you can solve from the documentation? There are a number of avenues for you: