Managing livestreams with Snitcher

Snitcher is the brain for all the inputs and outputs connected to Dotmole

Default Configuration

A Configuration is created by default every time a user chooses default configuration while adding the livestream.

Dotmole Welcome page

Now Click on Livestream -> Add livestream, and you would see the previously built configuration available in the options.

Custom Configuration

Custom configurations can also be created and hence a single configuration can manage several livestreams at once.

Click on Snitcher - > Configuration

Dotmole welcome page

Click on Add Configuration and fill in the details.

The Services section takes in the Dotmole Snitcher service, that are mentioned below. Click on Build Configuration to get the configuration in your configuration list.

Select Services

1. Video Shortner

  • Real time video shortening for effective analysis for CCTV/IP footage.

  • Up to 80% video shortening done.

  • Connected with Face Recognition System

  • Save money on storage

2. Face Recognition System

  • Real time face detection from CCTV/IP footage.

  • Classifying people as known and unknown

  • All human faces cropped and saved in a gallery.

  • Easy face clustering available to collect all similar faces together.

  • Delete all duplicate images at a click.

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