Getting your first connection

Single account for all Dotmole applications use-case.

1. Create account

Signup with your email id, remember it is a single user account so you might want to signup with a common company email or a dummy email which is safe.

2. Connect your first camera

Welcome page - Dotmole

Once logging in, you see this welcome page. Click on Livestream -> Add livestream.

Add livestream on Dotmole
  • Name: Any name which will describes camera and it's position

  • Internal IP: Visit your CCTV camera software or device box (for IP cameras) and copy/paste the internal IP address with port number here, it will look something like below.
  • Type: Recommended type is default, to run custom scripts click Custom

  • Configuration: To add custom script, build configuration first and then select the configuration while adding new livestreams.

Livestream of the camera will now be visible under Livestream, but to start the script that you've added or Snitcher services, you'll have to click launch from your profile section.