Using mobile as an IP camera

In this tutorial we'll show you how to use your mobile phone as a CCTV camera and how to simultaneously store and analyse your stream.

1. Pre-requisites

  • Contact us to get access to Dotmole here and install the software on your PC/laptop.

  • Download any IP Phone camera mobile application from Play Store (preferably this).

Mobile app as an IP camera

2. Getting access to your mobile camera stream

  • Open the app and click -> Mobile Hotspot (free) option

  • Click on Start Broadcasting

  • If you're laptop/PC is connected to a router, connect your mobile to that router or if your mobile hotspot is disabled, click -> Configure Hotspot.

(Note: Only one of the above is needed, condition is both PC and mobile should be on the same network)

  • You'll get an url something like below:
  • Save the url and fire up Dotmole application on your system.

  • Click on Livestream -> Add livestream, fill up the details

  • Enter name, copy/paste the URL from the app: IP Phone Camera to Internal IP in the above form. Let Type and configuration have it's default values.

(make sure to add "/videofeed?username=&password=" as a suffix to the URL shown)
  • You'll see your livestream being casted to Dotmole application.

3. Motion detection on the livestream

  • Click on your name -> Enter your profile.

  • Click on Launch.

  • Enter Videos to see the shortened videos and only see the scenes which witnessed motion.

Shortened videos

Hope now you're able to get high security without a camera. Contact us for any queries or more such tutorials.